Privacy Policy

Cookie Use 

Our system does not use cookies and will never store anything on your own computer.  Instead we operate our system by secure sessions so as to provide you with a higher level of security.

Under no circumstances will we, or any other known person or organisation, use this information in any way other than for it’s intended use. We NEVER sell our customers details. 

Your personal details will never be disclosed to a third party with the exception of our couriers in order for them to affect delivery. 

We may occasionally use your information to keep you updated about the latest products, services or offers from our company. If you do not want to be kept updated of new products & special offers, please click here to log into your acount and remove the notifications option. 


The entering of credit card and other payment information is never done via this site.  Instead we use a third party payment provider (Paypal) who are fully regulated by the FSA and posess PCI DSS security certification.

We do not see any credit or debit card numbers when submitted via this site. This information is sent directly to your bank or credit card company for immidiate authorisation and then deleted by our payment providers. 

Should be in any way be concerned about entering your credit card details on this site, please feel free to telephone 07816 010007 where we will be more than happy to take the information by telephone. 

Contact Us 

We are contactable 7 Days a week. 

Our telephones are always very busy so it is advisable to try emailing us first as responses are often a lot faster that way. 

Telephone,and email information can be found on the contacts page